These places that inspire us: A wedding in the desert

When thinking about a wedding, one often has images of large castles, lush gardens, and sumptuous reception halls in mind. But why not break the mold and opt for a breathtaking setting, far from what we know?

That’s what we propose today with the first edition of our series “These places that inspire us,” dedicated to a wedding in the desert. The desert may seem like an unconventional choice for a wedding, but that’s precisely what gives it all its charm.The contrast between the mineral decor and delicate elements such as flowers, lights, and textiles gives life to an absolutely stunning decor.

And at Lovlee, we are here to guide you in your bold choices and make your wedding a truly unforgettable event.

“Less is More” atmosphere: the less you load, the more beautiful it is!

Imagine a decor made of breathtaking landscapes, bare colors, imposing mountains, and a wild style that will transport you through time. This natural environment already offers a purifying atmosphere, with its nuanced shades, limited vegetation, and mountainous landscapes.

By choosing a minimalist style, you highlight the raw beauty of the place and create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. The architecture and decoration with clean lines and simple colors, as well as natural and mineral materials such as wood, lime, and stone, reinforce the “Less is More” effect.

The simplicity of the details creates a visual impact and gives the event an added cachet.

A Wild Style

Yes! The desert can also offer a unique setting for couples who are looking to embody a wild and casual style for their wedding.

To embody this style, brides and grooms can explore outfits that are both comfortable and trendy. Ladies, go all out with cowboy boots that add a sassy touch to the outfit, while a short, flowing dress adds a touch of glamour. Gentlemen, opt for a hat and a beige linen suit for a casual-chic look.

Harmony between the outfits and the decor is crucial to create a consistent and immersive atmosphere.

By adopting this style, couples can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the desert to organize a daring and original photo shoot, which perfectly reflects the image of their relationship.

An exceptional reception space

So, why not offer your guests a breathtaking view of the immensity of the desert and its dunes in the background?

Imagine a reception area shaded by a large rock, with beautiful tables decorated with local vegetation, giving the evening an unprecedented warmth. Transform your reception space into a true sanctuary of style by using natural materials such as linen tablecloths and string lights hanging above your tables.

Create a cozy lounge area ! Cushioned sofas as a place to hang out & chat the night away ! Best place with loved ones! (all under a starry sky between dances)

Complete your decor with beautiful tableware and plenty of candles for a warm and sophisticated feel. The desert offers an exceptional setting for an enchanting and unusual wedding. Our boundless creativity will guide us in creating a beautiful and memorable reception space.

Together, at the end of the world

A desert wedding can be a bold and surprising choice for those looking to celebrate love in a breathtaking setting.

At Lovlee, our Event Designers and Floral Designers are here to help you make that dream come true ! How ? By offering our expertise and know-how in designing unique and personalized events. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a Destination Wedding Planner. We look forward to guiding you from creation to implementation on your big day, to ensure that your wedding exceeds your expectations. So, don’t hesitate, and let us take you on a breathtaking journey!

Stay tuned for the next edition of our series “These places that inspire us” where we will take you to discover Southern Italy, in Puglia.

Remember to let your personality shine through every detail ! Call on experts to help you create an event that reflects you.

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