5 tips for a successful unplugged wedding!

Wedding photographers know: there is nothing more frustrating than a missed photo due to a phone screen of a guest improvising as a photographer, or a person absorbed by their camera during the exchange of vows, which can ruin the magic and emotion of the moment.

So, more and more couples are choosing to organize an unplugged wedding. But how to make sure that the guests get the message and put down their smartphones, tablets and cameras on the big day? The secret is not to rush the guests. You will have to explain them with kindness your will to make an unplugged wedding

Let the guests know your wish as soon as the invitation is sent

To make sure they’re not caught off guard, you should let your guests know about this decision as soon as you send out the invitations. By choosing your words carefully, you can let them know why you don’t want electronics at your wedding.

For example, you could add a sentence like “We would love to enjoy this moment together and appreciate all the emotion of the moment. That’s why we ask you to set aside your smartphones, tablets, cameras and video cameras during our ceremony. The photographer and videographer will take care of immortalizing this precious moment.

Use a photographer and videographer to capture all the emotions

If you choose to organize an unplugged wedding… You will have to make sure that you work with a photographer & videographer you can trust. They will capture all the emotions and will not miss a single moment of your event.

If you are afraid that he will miss some precious moments, then you may prefer to call upon a couple of photographers, who will both be able to immortalize your ceremony from every angle.

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Put your officiant in charge of getting the message across

It is important at the beginning of the ceremony that your officiant reminds the guests of the golden rules. Just in case there are some stubborn little ones who have trouble letting go of their cameras.

He will then have the role of gently conveying the message. He can even introduce the videographer and photographer to your guests to support his words. 

A smartphone basket

For the more determined among you, you can install a smartphone basket at the entrance of your ceremony. Perfect to make sure that none will be present inside. Your guests can then retrieve their devices at the end of the evening.

So that this is not perceived as a punishment by your guests, you can give them each a disposable camera ! They can use throughout your evening, for a guaranteed vintage effect and unforgettable memories!

Choose an adapted decoration

Do not hesitate to choose a decoration in coherence with the theme of your wedding. You can display beautiful signs to remind your guests that it is forbidden to use electronic devices. Prepare messages such as : “Enjoy this moment with us, put down your phones, a photographer will immortalize this day for us”.

In a constantly connected world, it’s hard to get away from our smartphones and other devices, even for a day. To ensure that your guests experience the day 100% with you, choose the unplugged wedding option and have fun!

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