5 furniture ideas for rent to create a trendy wedding !

As an event designer, creating a unique, original and ultra-trendy wedding decoration is paramount ! Are you looking for ideas to amaze your guests ? Do you want to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding ? Look no further ! 

Lovlee offers you 5 ideas of furniture to rent that will make all the difference:

Beautiful raw wood tables

Raw wood is definitely the most authentic choice for a wedding that seeks a natural and organic ambiance. With its texture and warm color, it brings a touch of conviviality to your decoration.

But what is the real advantage of these raw wood tables ?

They adapt to all styles of decoration! Leave them as they are for a minimalist and streamlined look, or personalize them for a more elaborate wedding.

To accentuate the natural and organic aspect of the raw wood table, use centerpieces with natural elements such as branches, leaves, fruits, wildflowers, or succulent plants. And if you want to add a bit of texture to the whole, don’t hesitate to add a colorful tablecloth and candles to create a warm and intimate ambiance.

The simplicity of the details creates a visual impact and gives the event an extra touch of elegance.

Design chairs

Chairs are the key element to set the tone for your wedding decoration. If you’re looking to add elegance and modernity, go for design chairs.

Metal or wooden chairs are favorites for modern and industrial weddings. Their streamlined structure and minimalist look will bring contemporaneity to your decoration.

Wooden chairs, on the other hand, will bring an industrial touch but with an added warmth and organic texture.

Whatever your preference, design chairs will give a unique and unforgettable ambiance to your big day. Make your wedding an event at the forefront of trends with these chairs that will wow your guests !

A trendy cocktail bar

The cocktail bar is undoubtedly one of the most popular elements of modern weddings. It provides a unique experience that allows guests to enjoy original and personalized drinks while creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

To make your cocktail bar even more personalized, add accessories such as crystal glasses, mirrors, and string lights. Crystal glasses will bring an elegant and refined touch to your bar, while mirrors will add a touch of glamour to your evening. Finally, string lights will give a romantic and warm ambiance that will light up the night.

There’s nothing like a cocktail bar to set the tone for your evening, so let your creativity run wild and impress your guests with a bar that’s sure to make a splash !

A modern arch

The arch is undoubtedly a strong symbol that can be used to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere during the ceremony. Whether you choose a metal or wooden arch, you can personalize this structure by adding decorative elements such as flower garlands, lights, or ribbons.

It is important to note that the customization of your arch should be in line with the rest of your wedding decoration. Use a color palette for a harmonious and consistent decoration.

With a well-chosen and personalized arch, bring your ceremony to life and create a magical moment that you will never forget.

A photobooth with neon

The photobooth is now an essential element of trendy weddings. In addition to offering a fun and interactive experience for your guests, it also allows you to capture memorable memories of your event.

But why not add an extra touch of glamour and modernity to your photobooth ? Opt for a personalized neon sign with the names of the bride and groom or their favorite quote, for example. This is the ideal touch to create a trendy atmosphere at your wedding, while adding a touch of personalization.

With a personalized and elegant photobooth, you are sure to surprise and delight your guests. So don’t hesitate and treat yourself to this experience.

In conclusion, renting furniture can be an excellent option for adding trendy touches to your wedding decoration. With these five furniture rental ideas, you can create a unique and memorable atmosphere for your next event.

Lovlee ensures you a wedding decoration that will impress your guests and be engraved in their memories !

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