These places that inspire us: A wedding in Puglia

Our series “Places that inspire us” is back for a second edition! Today, we are taking you away to a place where the atmosphere is as authentic as it is atypical in Puglia, Italy!

This region located in the heel of Italy’s famous boot, carries us away into an atmosphere quite different from traditional Italian weddings. 

Its unique character comes from its distinctive architecture and culinary specialties. We’re offering you a 100% dolce vita wedding in the heart of Puglia. Here’s what you need to know! 

A mystical setting for a unique wedding

Does the name Masseria ring a bell? 

For the historical aspect, because Puglia is full of history, masseria are old family houses in which peasants and landowners lived, not far from mills and barns.

The stone architecture and white facades of the masserie reflect a blend of tradition and modernity, immersing us in a mystical, timeless setting. The buildings are often surrounded by olive trees, adding to the charm of the setting. They can be used for both your ceremony and your wedding dinner.

Italian chic for the home

There’s no doubt about it: Italy is the land of elegance! Our advice is to opt for the sobriety that is Italian chic. 

Getting married in Puglia means getting married in a unique and indescribable setting, which you must respect. The decor must blend with the utmost subtlety into this exceptional setting.

Simplicity is also present on the table, so we adopt a refined style, with candelabras and elegant floral arrangements. When it comes to tableware, you don’t have to look far: you can opt for ceramics made directly in Puglia, with their colorful handcrafted motifs.

Chairs and furniture are chosen in harmony with the authenticity of the setting, with a focus on wood.

Dolce Vita vibes

Close your eyes and imagine yourself, a glass of Spritz in hand, admiring a sunset over a field of olive trees… When we hear Dolce Vita, this is what comes to mind. A wedding in Puglia is all about respecting the famous Italian way of life.

What could be more Italian than the famous Spritz? For your wedding, you can leave with your eyes closed on this gourmet cocktail. There are so many possible variations on this 100% Italian drink that it’s sure to please all your guests. The sweet life also means enjoying the small pleasures of life with simple, fresh products and typical Italian cheese.

Sparkling wedding

When night falls, the lighting must continue to bring out the magic of the venue, so to preserve its mystical atmosphere, you can opt for string lights. We prefer single-colored garlands in warm tones for a softer ambience.

In a similar vein, we’ve also imagined candles arranged on tables or on the floor in different sizes to bring warmth to your decor. Light decorations should honor the environment, like this lovely idea of garlands around a hundred-year-old olive tree.

To conclude, a wedding in Puglia is a wedding in the heart of a place cut off from the world in an intimate atmosphere. The exceptional setting serves as a magnificent backdrop for your wedding, and there’s no need to go overboard with decorations. The Italian Dolce Vita atmosphere will give your wedding an elegant and relaxed dimension. An exceptional venue for an exceptional wedding!

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