3 flower arrangement ideas for your wedding

Our Lovlee’s team has more than one string to our bow and we have taken on the challenge of offering to our customers floral arrangements to complete your wedding decor. 

Floral arrangements come in all shapes and colors, so to make sure you don’t get lost, we’re sharing a few creative and original inspirations with you.

We let you discover 3 ideas of floral arrangements that won’t leave your guests indifferent!

1. Floral table runner

What better way to dress up your table than with a beautiful floral arrangement? We’re not talking about a classic centerpiece, but a floral table runner. A way to bring a touch of freshness and originality to your tables!

The 3 inspirations we’ve just given you share a common desire: to bring color to your tables. Orange, yellow and violet are the warm, summery colors of choice! However, the choice of composition must be in harmony with the rest of the table’s elements.

2. Bar floral arrangements

Another original idea: add flowers to your cocktail bar! The decoration of bars is often forgotten, but with our inspirations you will have no more excuses. Take a look at the ideas we have selected for you to create a poetic atmosphere with a floral bar.

It’s possible to match your floral arrangements to your bar area! We love the subtle hint of color that brings a touch of freshness and harmony to your decor. Don’t hesitate to opt for colors such as yellow to bring a little pep to your bar!

3. Flowering your ceremony arch

You couldn’t miss the ceremonial arch trend in different shapes and sizes. To avoid getting lost in this vast choice, we have selected some inspirations to make this composition a magical and memorable element for your photos.

You may not have thought of it, but floral arches can be set high, on the ground or raised for a modern look. Don’t be afraid to deconstruct the structures of classic arches and go for more original shapes.

At Lovlee, we like to imagine poetic floral arrangements and offer our customers a wide range of possibilities. With an eye for detail, our teams ensure perfect harmony between the decoration and floral design of your wedding, all in your image, according to your tastes.

Put your trust in Lovlee and our creative teams to decorate your wedding or other event, contact us at hello@lovlee.fr 

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