3 original arrivals for your wedding

Want to make a memorable entrance?

Arriving at your ceremony or reception is one of the key moments of your wedding. To surprise your guests and create a unique moment, you can imagine an original arrival by a means of transport that’s different from the ordinary.

By sea, land or air, it’s up to you to find the arrival that suits you best! To help you choose, Lovlee shares a few ideas with you!

Arrival by hot-air balloon

We’re not talking about a traditional arrival by car or horse-drawn carriage, but a hot-air balloon arrival – one that’s as striking as it is surprising! 

A hot-air balloon is an original and above all aesthetically pleasing idea, offering a unique experience for you and your guests.

On your side, you’ll enjoy a magnificent view and a memorable moment with your husband/wife. An unforgettable moment suspended in time and space!

Hot-air ballooning, in a word: romantic!

Arrival by boat

If the localisation of your wedding venue allows it, why not opt for an arrival by the sea in a rowboat or boat! A little getaway for two before joining your guests for the cocktails.  

Of course, we are not talking about an old trawler, but an elegant boat for your photos. The famous Riva immediately springs to mind, with its varnished wood and Italian chic.

As well as enjoying a moment’s rest on this busy day, arriving by boat makes for memorable photos.  

If you are a fan of flowers, we can decorate the boat with pretty floral arrangements. Chairs and furniture are chosen in harmony with the authenticity of the setting, with a focus on wood.

Arrival by Vespa

You may not have thought of it, but arriving by Vespa is both original and fun. The Vespa is the very symbol of Italy and its famous Dolce Vita. This arrival combines authenticity and relaxation!

Whether you arrive alone or in pairs is up to you, but one thing’s for sure: you need to take the technical aspect into account with your wedding dress, so that arrival doesn’t become a constraint.

We love the flowery version of the Vespa! A sense of detail that, believe us, won’t go unnoticed. You can also personalize the scooter with a traditional “Just Married” sign, or with a more original message!

In conclusion, your arrival at your wedding is a unique moment that will remain engraved in your memory. This magical moment can be experienced in its own right, whether you arrive by sea, land or air! It’s the perfect moment to surprise your guests.

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