3 original arrivals for your wedding

Want to make a memorable entrance? Arriving at your ceremony or reception is one of the key moments of your wedding. To surprise your guests and create a unique moment, you can imagine an original arrival by a means of transport that’s different from the ordinary. By sea, land or air, it’s up to you […]

3 flower arrangement ideas for your wedding

Our Lovlee’s team has more than one string to our bow and we have taken on the challenge of offering to our customers floral arrangements to complete your wedding decor.  Floral arrangements come in all shapes and colors, so to make sure you don’t get lost, we’re sharing a few creative and original inspirations with […]

These places that inspire us: A wedding in Puglia

Our series “Places that inspire us” is back for a second edition! Today, we are taking you away to a place where the atmosphere is as authentic as it is atypical in Puglia, Italy! This region located in the heel of Italy’s famous boot, carries us away into an atmosphere quite different from traditional Italian […]

5 furniture ideas for rent to create a trendy wedding !

As an event designer, creating a unique, original and ultra-trendy wedding decoration is paramount ! Are you looking for ideas to amaze your guests ? Do you want to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding ? Look no further !  Lovlee offers you 5 ideas of furniture to rent that will make all the […]

These places that inspire us: A wedding in the desert

When thinking about a wedding, one often has images of large castles, lush gardens, and sumptuous reception halls in mind. But why not break the mold and opt for a breathtaking setting, far from what we know? That’s what we propose today with the first edition of our series “These places that inspire us,” dedicated to a […]

5 tips for a successful unplugged wedding!

Wedding photographers know: there is nothing more frustrating than a missed photo due to a phone screen of a guest improvising as a photographer, or a person absorbed by their camera during the exchange of vows, which can ruin the magic and emotion of the moment. So, more and more couples are choosing to organize […]

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